Marco Delogu’s Fotografia Festival in Satellite Voices

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Picture of the Weeks….

POTW has some amazing images coming up. I have been globetrotting lately and found some wonderful artists in Italy, Switzerland, Iran and London. I have not forgotten the good ol’ USA, next up is a fantastic photographer from Austin.

POTW may take some new directions. November may become Photojournalist month with one new photojournalist per week.

I’d love to be bringing you all a true weekly POTW, but really do not want to spam my list. We get so much email now adays, best to spread it out….with the exception of November (photojournalist just don’t get the love in this country…so I will show it here).

Stay tuned…!


David DiMichele….Current POTW


Just such a sad day. I grew up with a mac. Could not use a PC to save my life. Two Imacs, one 20″ monitor, a laptop and 2 iphones (one out on loan).

Not a day goes by when what Jobs has done does not somehow affect my life. I bet most of you feel the same.


October has always been one of those months when I just have to organize everything to to with RSProjects. The first five day went to a redesign of the website. It was a little messy so it really needed to be cleaned up. I hope you like it.

Something new to the site was the addition of Publishing. I added some books available to purchase (send me an email and I’ll do my best to fill and order). It will also serve as the base for when I start publishing artists books, which I hope to do very soon.

You will also notice there are a couple new artists on the list. Valentina de Matha and Tim Conlon. More on them later.

Oh, and please forgive the weirdness of this blog thing. I am not very good at blogging and still kind of old school. So, I’ll do my best not to muck it up.


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